Lookfamed and ZUFALL logistics group from Göttingen jointly found new logistics company The experts for online marketing and logistics have joined forces to jointly launch the company Logimate. With this, they also want to further develop the regional e-commerce market.

Göttingen, 2 September 2021 | On 9 September, a new Göttingen logistics project will be launched: the online marketing agency Lookfamed has joined forces with the logistics specialists at ZUFALL logistics group. Together, the two partners are founding a new company. “Logimate” (= logistics buddy) is a logistics company that is to stand that is intended to primarily promote individual packaging, innovation and sustainability. With Logimate, the two locally rooted companies are pooling their industry-specific expertise to set new trends in e-commerce. This is also expected to create new jobs in the region.

“Both companies are breaking new ground with the joint venture: We at ZUFALL have so far been primarily active in the B2B sector, while Lookfamed has so far only had the logistics of its products carried out externally. With Logimate, we are combining our many years of experience in such a way that the logistics for our products are designed to be as high-quality and, above all, as regional and sustainable as possible,” explains Steffen Obermann, who is responsible for research & development at ZUFALL and is taking over the management of Logimate on the ZUFALL side.

Logimate | The first stage of development

In the first stage of development, Logimate takes over the logistics for the products and brands of the influencers and bloggers who are exclusively contracted with Lookfamed. “Influencers’ own brands have become increasingly present and relevant to the market over the years. We recognised this trend early on. This makes it all the more important for us to bring the products associated with our customers to the end customers as efficiently and individually packaged as possible, so that everyone involved is happy. That is why we are very pleased to have ZUFALL logistics group at our side as a partner in ‘Logimate’,” emphasises Sebastian Röske, co-founder and managing director of Lookfamed and Logimate. The two companies are primarily concerned with creating a unique customer experience, because unpacking is part of the brand or the product. That’s why they place great value on unique and sustainable packaging.

The company is moving into workspace in the zufall.lab, the future workshop of ZUFALL logistics group at Gotthelf-Leimbach-Strasse 3 and will also conduct its operational business from there. The joint project was also developed in the zufall.lab by representatives of Lookfamed and ZUFALL.

Logimate plans further projects

There are also initial concept ideas for other projects. The market of small traders who only sell online is large. Offering this target group an individual and sustainable solution is the core of Logimate. Connected with the shareholders Lookfamed and ZUFALL, however, a much larger offer is created. “In the network, we can offer everything from the website, photos, shop system and export processing to CO₂-neutral local delivery,” enthuses Sebastian Röske. So, the plan is to actively approach Göttingen traders and invite them to work with Logimate as well.

Logimate creates jobs

Logimate stands for sustainability This does not only concern the environment and the profit, but also the employees. “Our dream would be to be able to offer a job at suitable times to parents who have their

children in care. That’s why we’re planning on a weekday shift from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. If anyone is interested, we would be happy to hear from you,” announces Steffen Obermann.

People who want to be part of this Logimate development are being sought. “Logimate offers potential employees the chance to help shape the company from the very beginning and to live a ‘start-up spirit’ – but with secure framework conditions,” Röske adds. Logimate also offers students and trainees opportunities to start their careers. For example, it is planned that Logimate will be taken over by Lookfamed and ZUFALL trainees one day a week. From packing to management – practical experience and taking on responsibility move the team forward as a learning community.

Logimate wants to show what customers can expect in the future. For this purpose, the agency Lookfamed has started theme weeks on its Instagram channel @lookfamed and @logimate since the beginning of September. The employees and first projects are presented, and the followers gain insights into the work at Logimate.


About Logimate

From 09 September 2021, the newly founded logistics company of the online marketing agency Lookfamed and the logistics specialists of the ZUFALL logistics group from Göttingen will be launched. The company stands for innovation, modernity and sustainability. Thus, all products are delivered to consumers via the shortest possible delivery route and in plastic-free and individual packaging. The joint venture also offers good career and development opportunities for young professionals.

About Lookfamed

Lookfamed was founded at the end of 2016 by Luana Theodoro da Silva, Anton Ha, Daniel Hartmann and Sebastian Röske as an influencer marketing agency. The agency exclusively represents various influencers and implements influencer campaigns for its clients. Together with their team, the founders also advise companies on the topics of social media marketing, influencer marketing and online marketing.

Lookfamed offers authentic and individual influencer marketing campaigns from a single source. Due to the close connection with the influencers, the team knows exactly what is important for a successful campaign in order to lead campaigns with added value for companies, influencers and followers to success. The prerequisite for this is a basic attitude characterised by fairness, openness and shared learning.