Our start-up Logimate offers sustainable and individual D2C fulfilment solutions. Logimate is our logistics company that stands for individual packaging, innovation and sustainability. With Logimate, the shipping process is individually optimised for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups. The young team consists mainly of women. Also, women exclusively occupy management positions.

The vision: Sustainable and individual D2C fulfilment solutions

Logimate offers sustainable and individual D2C fulfilment solutions: From website development to product promotion to handling delivery to the customer – Logimate bundles these processes in one company. The end product is efficient and individual shipping to the end customer.

“At Logimate, customer satisfaction comes first. Through the use of individual packaging, we generate customer happiness as early as the unboxing stage,” says Alexandra Gerloff, manager at Logimate. The unboxing should be reminiscent of a gift and trigger joy in the recipient.

Logimate was founded as a joint venture in cooperation with the online marketing agency Lookfamed from Göttingen. This cooperation enables a broad range of services and provides our experts with an understanding of the effect of attractive packaging on customer loyalty and customer experience.

Sustainability is a top priority at Logimate

Through the use of GoGreen-DHL, shipping at Logimate is climate neutral. Returned boxes do not end up in the rubbish but are reused. Packaging materials are exclusively made from fairly produced materials.

But in addition to environmental sustainability, social sustainability also has a high priority at Logimate: Flexible working hours allow employees to fit in with their families schedules. Wages are above average and make working at Logimate more attractive.