The next step on the way to more sustainability has been taken

ZUFALL logistics group has the ambition to shape logistics in a sustainable and mindful way with all its strength. This claim was laid down in the company‘s purpose in 2019. In the sustainability dimension „environment“, the areas of resource conservation and emission reduction are important topics on which the sustainability managers in the company are working. The medium-sized logistics specialist was able to take an important next step on the way to reducing emissions at the beginning of this year. Since 1 January 2021, most of the logistics provider‘s branches have been using 100 percent green electricity. ZUFALL is thus reducing its CO₂ footprint by around 1,700 tonnes per year. Another 1,000 tonnes will follow in 2022/23, when the branch offices in Fulda and Kandel can also be converted under contract.

„I am pleased that we have now flipped the switch at ZUFALL and will exclusively purchase green electricity in the future. We will thus save around 1,700 tonnes of CO₂ per year across the entire group in 2021,“ CEO Peter Müller-Kronberg explains and adds, „In 2022/23, the savings contributions of our branches in Fulda and Kandel of just under 1,000 tonnes of CO₂ will then be added to this.“

Gunnar Heunisch, head of the central division responsible for sustainability management, explains, „At ZUFALL, the purchase of green electricity is embedded in a whole bundle of measures. In addition to green electricity, we also rely on consumption-optimising projects, such as the use of intelligent LED lighting system controls in logistics properties. With the use of photovoltaic systems including state-of-the-art electricity storage technology, we also reduce CO₂ emissions.“

In contrast to these measures, which have a positive effect on both the environment and the economy, ZUFALL logistics group deliberately incurs additional costs for the nationwide purchase of green electricity.

„We believe the additional costs of around 1 euro per megawatt hour are well invested, because this conversion is an important step on our path to greater sustainability,“ Peter Müller-Kronberg emphasises.

Nils Jagemann managed the project during its implementation, „I am proud that my company also accepts additional costs in favour of a reduced CO₂ footprint in the green electricity sustainability project.“ agemann is very satisfied with the project, which was supported by energy experts from Scholt Energy in Ratingen. The company acts as energy supplier for ZUFALL. „The cooperation was uncomplicated, trusting and efficient,“ Jagemann summarises and emphasises, „We were convinced by the dynamic energy procurement concept, in which Scholt Energy uses the advantages of purchasing on two markets – the national futures market EEX on the one hand and the European daily market Epexspot on the other, i.e. combines predictable fixed prices with more favourable daily prices. In addition, the Ratingen-based company, as a medium-sized family business with fixed contact persons, fits well with our own corporate values.“

It is therefore not surprising that the next step with the new energy supplier is currently being planned: the conversion from fossil gas to eco-gas.