ZUFALL logistics group starts construction work for its new logistics centre. In the Fulda branch, preparations for the construction of the logistics centre in Flieden have been underway for more than two years. At this location, the company will concentrate its logistics for tyres.

The large-scale project was planned and implemented in cooperation with Goodman, the world‘s leading project developer for logistics properties. LIST Bau Nordhorn is responsible for the turnkey construction of the property.

„It was an unexpectedly long tug-of-war,“ says branch manager Christoph Göbel, looking back on the past months and emphasising, „In the end, it is thanks to the tireless efforts of the mayor of Flieden, Christian Henkel, as well as his deputy Winfried Happ and the municipal council that we are finally on the home straight after a long delay. The push to the home straight took place with the start of construction at the end of February.  At that time, the regional company Bickhardt Bau began earthworks. Due to the restrictions associated with the Corona pandemic, the originally planned ceremonial opening of the construction site, including the official „ground-breaking“ with representatives of the town of Flieden, those responsible for the project partner Goodman as well as ZUFALL logistics group and the local press, could not take place. Instead, a topping-out ceremony and/or a handover ceremony are now planned. 

The entire site covers approximately 77,500 square metres. A logistics hall of over 38,500 square metres with four sections (units) and associated mezzanines (1,500 square metres each) is being built on it. The earthmoving comprises about 100,000 cubic metres. However, the earth moved remains on the site and is used for levelling the terrain. ZUFALL provides balancing green spaces and the use of state-of-the-art LED technology and photovoltaic systems are also part of the project. The DGNB certification will prove the sustainability of the construction project.

Unit 1 – the first of four sections – is scheduled for completion by the end of October 2020. Units 2 to 4 will follow in approximately four-week intervals. The goal is to complete the work by 11 January 2021 and also to put the last part (Unit 4) of the logistics centre into operation on this date. In order to be able to keep to this tight schedule, perfect communication is required between Goodman, as the building owner and controller of the construction site, the general contractor LIST Bau Nordhorn, the planning department of the municipality and  ZUFALL logistics group. Christof Prange, Head of Business Development at Goodman, says, „We are very pleased to develop another property for Zufall logistics group. The long-term partnership shows that our sustainable properties are convincing all along the line: qualitatively, technically and always focused on the flexible requirements of the customer.“

After commissioning, the logistics centre will operate daily from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. – night-time traffic is not currently planned. In addition to the approximately 38,500-square-metre logistics hall and the associated 1,100-square-metre outdoor storage area for empty racks, an office building with 1,400 square metres of office space is being built here, the new gatekeeper‘s building covers 57 square metres and 60 square metres are available to the drivers in the recreation room. In addition, 128 cars and ten trucks can be parked on the premises.

The warehouse used for the tyre business offers ZUFALL logistics group the opportunity to concentrate its expertise in this industry, developed over many decades, at one location. About 80 to 100 employees will work here in the future and concentrate the tyre division, which has been spread over several locations up to now, in Flieden. With ZUFALL tyre logistics GmbH (ZTL), ZUFALL logistics group founded a subsidiary for this purpose in 2019, which will combine the tyre business (e.g., logistics services for Hankook Reifen Deutschland GmbH) and expand it in the long term.

With the founding of ZUFALL tyre logistics, ZUFALL bundled its contract and transport logistics know-how for the tyre industry. „The tyre business requires the highest degree of flexibility in handling large and small quantities, as it is subject to extreme seasonal fluctuations,“ reports ZUFALL Managing Director Jürgen Wolpert, adding, „Our more than 90 years of logistics know-how combined with the tyre expertise and partnership with the tyre manufacturers from Korea, which has grown over 15 years, helps us to be able to offer a service portfolio optimised specifically for the tyre industry.“ ZTL offers its customers value-added services far beyond simple warehousing. For Hankook, for example, ZUFALL manages the entire supply chain from the moment the tyres arrive in Europe – for example at the Dutch seaport of Rotterdam. At peak times, around 60,000 tyres pass through the hands of ZUFALL employees every day. Thanks to its central location in Flieden near Fulda, ZUFALL can transport the tyres to almost any German location within 24 hours and, in special cases, within six hours. Thanks to state-of-the-art sprinkler technology, customers can rely on the safe storage of the tyres at all times.

New logistics centre:

Site: 7.74 hectares
Earth movement: 100,000 cubic metres
Storage area: 45,000 square metres
Hall height: 12 metres
Max. storage height: 9.70 metres
Jobs: 80 to 100
Operating hours: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., no night service