ZUFALL certified for storage of organically produced products. The ZUFALL branch in Nohra documents high quality standards in the handling of organic products.

“With the organic certification, we have successfully completed an intensive audit process. My thanks go to all those involved – it was a super team effort under the leadership of Gunnar Heunisch and Martin Löwer,” says a delighted Dr Christoph Helmke, Quality, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety Officer for the ZUFALL sites in Fulda and Nohra, “The extremely precise audit commission confirmed that we were all ‘very well prepared’ for this process.” With this important certification, the Steinbrüchenstraße Logistics Centre in Nohra will be authorised to store and commission “organic products” until 28 February 2022.

“This is the key to a new, fast-growing business field,” says Robert Münnich (Division Manager International Freight Forwarding & Sales). With the Swedish pet food manufacturer Magnusson Petfood AB, the branch can already build on a satisfied major customer in this area: The company, which is based in the greater Stockholm area, uses the ZUFALL warehouse exclusively for distribution on the European mainland. “For the proof of our customer’s completely ecological supply chain, our certificate is indispensable”, Robert Münnich underlines the future-oriented significance. He sees a radiant power of the certification for other important customers: These can also come from other business areas of the food industry. The Fulda (Böckler and Schleyer Streets) and Eschwege (Honer Street) locations have also been certified until 28 February 2022 for the area of “food and beverages according to the current product range list”.

For organic certification, the auditors of the Göttingen Society for Resource Conservation GfRS scrutinise the conditions and processes in the handling department in addition to an extensive document check. The aim of this unannounced certification procedure, which takes place approximately every year, is the official qualification to store food that is subject to the certified organic standard. Dr. Christoph Helmke emphasises the importance of this test seal: “In times of the organic boom, this certification is an important pillar for us. For medium-sized logistics companies, such certification is by no means a matter of course.”


Key figures:

  • 105 employees plus 11 trainees
  • 490,000 shipments per year
  • 22,000 m² warehouse and logistics space


  • Land Transport Germany
  • Land Transport Europe
  • Air freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Night Star Express
  • Customs service
  • Contract logistics
  • Value-added logistics
  • Logistics consulting


  • Steinbrüchenstraße 9a, 99428 Nohra
  • Grunstedter Weg 3, 99428 Nohra (4,500 sqm)