New Carrier Qualification Platform advances digitalisation in logistics with blockchain technology

TrustedTrucks is a blockchain-based “Carrier Qualification Platform” that enables transport companies and freight forwarders to implement the qualification process in a legally compliant and digital way. The platform is the first market-ready product of a joint venture of logistics specialists and blockchain experts.

TrustedTrucks is a transparent and user-friendly “Carrier Qualification Platform” that enables carriers and freight forwarders to implement the qualification process in a legally compliant and digital way. With this new platform, carriers can manage their profile data independently and make it accessible to forwarders. All participating carriers then access the same database but can filter and find carriers depending on their needs and transport requirements. In the subsequent qualification process, carriers can approve suitable carriers, according to the available licences and permits, for the validity period of these licences. TrustedTrucks is the first blockchain-based platform that gives participants full control over their data and can be used for daily operations in the transport industry.

What will change for carriers and freight forwarders?

The fact that TrustedTrucks is based on modern blockchain technology offers several major advantages to the logistics operator: Firstly, the entrepreneur can control and manage his data independently. Secondly, crowd verification ensures a significant reduction in administrative effort on the part of both the transport operator and the haulier. Thirdly, companies gain access to new business contacts. In addition, TrustedTrucks offers the functionality of a contactless proof of delivery via mobile scanning or photo documentation.

“With the Zokunft Blockchain platform, we can create fast and consistent value creation for all players in a fragmented transport and logistics industry

with sustainable solutions, while at the same time offering small and medium-sized players equal competitive opportunities. We see blockchain technology as the key to a sustainable and efficient supply chain,” says Peter Müller-Kronberg, Managing Partner of ZUFALL logistics group. The blockchain is based on a decentralised database that can manage data in real time and also with great transparency and security. In addition, this technology offers enormous potential for automation. Further applications are already being planned.

“Our platform serves the need for sustainability and fairness, which especially – but not only – medium-sized and independent companies have. It is important to us that they are also able to grow their business and compete with larger companies on an equal footing, safely and profitably. Our joint venture Zokonft with the TrustTrucks product is the implementation of this value system,” says Mervyn Maistry, CEO of Blockchain Ventures.

Who is behind TrustedTrucks?

TrustedTrucks is the first market-ready product of a collaboration that began in the zufall.lab at the end of 2019. The zufall.lab is the research and development laboratory of ZUFALL logistics group, where the company also works on innovations together with partners. The specialists from the Göttingen-based logistics company and the blockchain experts from the Berlin-based company, who are currently combining their expertise in the joint venture Zukonft, are involved in the project.

The aim of the collaboration between ZUFALL logistics group and is to create a sustainable, fair and digital platform for logistics entrepreneurs who want to future-proof their business without the influence of the bigger players in the supply chain industry. With decentralised technologies, Zukonft offers logistics entrepreneurs access to digital platforms where entrepreneurs can interact at eye level while retaining full control over their business data and relationships.