CONTIGO Fairtrade GmbH is fully committed to sustainably improving the income and living conditions of small producers overseas. The company supports producers in selling their goods in Europe and stocks over 3,000 products ranging from coffee to tableware made of acacia wood to vegan fashion in the 23 branches of the CONTIGO Fairtrade Group and in its own online shop. The transport of the goods is handled by ZUFALL logistics group.

Monika and Ingo Herbst founded the first CONTIGO Fairtrade Shop in Göttingen, Lower Saxony, in the summer of 1994. Since then, things have gone up rapidly and distribution quickly expanded to European worldshops. In Germany alone there are now more than 700 of them. The wholesale offer is also increasingly used by the independent committed specialised trade. CONTIGO undertakes, among other things, to remunerate producers from Asia, Africa and Latin America with fair prices and to pay a 50 percent deposit for each order so that the partners can purchase the materials and raw materials they need and earn a living. In return, the partners undertake, among other things, to create humane working conditions and to pay their employees adequate wages. „We are always in contact with our producers around the world and support them, for example, with financing issues or export formalities,“ Ingo Ingo Herbst, Managing Director at CONTIGO, reports. 

ZUFALL in Göttingen has been responsible for the transport of coffee, chocolate and other Fairtrade goods for many years. „We are responsible for the national and international inbound and outbound transport. We maintain a very open and honest relationship with our customer at eye level,“ Jens Uhlendorff, customer advisor at ZUFALL Göttingen, reports. Ingo Herbst adds, „For the delivery of palletised goods to our branches once or twice a week, we have been relying on our in-house freight forwarder ZUFALL for many years. The complex delivery of our inner-city locations is handled reliably and accurately in the pedestrian zones to our complete satisfaction.“