Tyres give way to new business from the automotive and consumer goods sectors

After the preparations leading up to the ground-breaking ceremony for the ZUFALL Logistics Centre in Flieden had developed into an unexpectedly long tug-of-war over a period of almost two years, construction work on the approximately 8-hectare logistics site directly on the A66 has been progressing optimally since it began. Despite the Corona pandemic, there have been no interruptions, no construction delays, no accidents. The work is even slightly ahead of schedule. “We currently expect to put all 4 units into operation this year and not by mid-January 2021 as originally planned,” explains Christoph Göbel, Branch Manager ZUFALL Fulda. The first unit with around 10,000 m² and a good 550 m² of storage space on the mezzanine as well as around 570 m² for office, social and sanitary areas has just been put into operation.

Currently, the storage area is still used for tyre storage However, there have recently been some shifts in the group’s tyre business, so that the LC Flieden will not be used primarily for tyres in the future, but for other businesses from the automotive and consumer goods sectors, which are currently in the final coordination or implementation phase.

The change of use will even create significantly more jobs at the Flieden site in the future than the 80-100 originally planned. “We currently expect to create up to 150 jobs for the logistics business at the Flieden site,” Christoph Göbel explains further.

About 100,000 cubic metres of earth had to be moved for the development of the conveniently located site. This could remain on the property and was used for levelling the site.

ZUFALL provides balancing green spaces close to nature and the use of energy-saving intelligent LED technology and a photovoltaic system are also part of the project. The DGNB certification will prove the sustainability of the building project.

The logistics centre is in operation daily from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. – night traffic is not currently planned. A special traffic regulation in the bypass of the hall ensures a minimisation of noise emissions from truck traffic. In addition to the approximately 38,500 square metre logistics hall and the associated outdoor warehouse, an office building with 1,400 square metres of office space has been built in Flieden, 57 square metres are provided by the new gatekeeper’s building and 60 square metres are available to the drivers in the recreation room with its own sanitary facilities. In addition, 128 cars and ten trucks can be parked on the premises.

New logistics centre in Flieden:
Site: 7.74 hectares
Earth movement: 100,000 cubic metres
Storage area: 45,000 square metres
Hall height: 12 metres
Max. storage height: 9.70 metres
Workplaces: 100 to 150

Operating hours: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., no night service