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ZUFALL logistics group

Germany’s fastest logistics package


In the centre of Germany, on an area totalling 400,000 m², the ZUFALL logistics group provides modern contract logistics with the fastest transport logistics. While doing so, our transport terminals are always located in the direct vicinity of our logistics centres.

‘Whether single-user storage or multi-user, your products are securely stored in our pallet racks, automated small-parts warehouses or block storage areas. And are ready to ship until late at night.

Your customers order until 09 PM. We order-pick and package your products and release them for shipping the same day. Your customer then receives the order at home by the latest 8 AM the following morning.

That applies to household and dental items, spare parts for agricultural machinery or tyres. Speaking of tyres - follow me!"

‘We adapt the logistics centre’s facilities to your products. Whether automatic pallet wrapping machines or specific strapping machines. We invest in the technology that speeds up your logistics.

In that context, the size of your products, range of your assortment or the number of customers is not decisive. Together, we find the suitable solution for any logistical requirement.’

A fast logistics package naturally needs the fastest possible transport. That is why we operate our product Night Star Express in the direct vicinity.

"The key: operations are centrally located in Germany and your shipments are still entered late into the night. Deliveries are then made in Sprinter vans by 8 AM in the morning, without receipt in lockable depots.

There’s no faster way. Order by 09 PM. Delivery at night by 08 AM in the morning. Use Germany’s new and fast logistics package for your customers now!’

But what is great performance without the people that drive it. That is why humanity is the foundation for our work and our 2,000 employees promise you one thing: We will spoil you with performance.