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Reliable Automotive Logistics with ZUFALL,
because we are your first tier

ZUFALL: Your partner for logistics requirements in the automobile industry. As a logistics specialist and a first or second tier supplier, we optimize the interface between automobile suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).  Benefit from our international transportation solutions, whether per truck transport, air freight or sea freight. We ensure punctual, just-in-time deliveries. Our experience in warehouse logistics, in replacement parts handling and in returns logistics is the basis for reliable supply chain management.

Multi-faceted automotive solutions

Due to ever-shorter innovation cycles by auto manufacturers, in automobile logistics the OEMs, suppliers and logistics specialists are working together closely. Gapless services are thus the important prerequisite for an efficient and reliable supply chain. Continual delivery capabilities, traceability of parts numbers, punctual empties management and flexible storage capacity determine your success in the automobile industry.

Automotive Logistics Center

Automobile manufacturers make considerable logistics demands on OEMs and suppliers. Continuous delivery capability. Just-in-time production line delivery. Seamless automatic data exchange. We make sure that you can concentrate on your core competencies, as ZUFALL logistics centers allow us to offer you flexible warehousing capacities and, for example, incoming goods handling, storage administration and auto parts and components production supply.

We order-pick and sequence your products close to OEMs and auto manufacturers, for exact use in the automobile industry’s value added chain. To accomplish this, we ensure ample availability of empty containers or product-specific racks. Our modern IT systems ensure a minimal error rate and complete traceability and administration of all parts numbers. We thereby minimize your supply risks with regard to OEMs and auto manufacturers.

  • Incoming goods, warehousing and production supply
  • Order-picking, sequencing and preassembly
  • Traceability and administration of parts numbers, serial numbers etc.
  • Containers and empties management (KLT)
  • Setting up and administrating accompanying documentation

Regardless of whether CKD vehicle sets, CKD parts sets or mixed sets. We assemble vehicle parts and components per your specifications for the respective assembly plant in the country of import.

From Express to FCL

We offer reliable solutions for transport in the realm of the automotive. Per truck in Germany and Europe and internationally by air freight and sea freight. Experienced specialists plan and guide your procurement- and distribution logistics with pinpoint accuracy. From just-in-time delivery to the production line and up to preassembly. Because we think and work in terms of first tier, we are your partner in all logistics requirements that connect delivery agents, OEMs and automobile manufacturers.

Automotive best practice

High quality side frames for AMG. Light housings and windshield washers for the aftersales market. Sheet steel structural components in KLT. Accident reporting plugs for retrofitting. We provide specially tailored logistics solutions for these products and many more.

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