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Motorbikes are not just motorbikes.

Whether it’s two wheels or more. Enduro, Scooter, Chopper, Trike or Quad. They’re the freedom, passion and pride of their owners. After being restored with the greatest of care, maintained with love and affection, they’re eventually found and bought. But you can’t just pack up a bike and ship it. You entrust a motorbike like that to someone who truly understands what they’ve been given. Someone like our dedicated ZUFALL moto-logistics specialists, through whose experienced hands 80,000 motorbikes reach their destinations throughout the world every year. Motorbike dealers, manufacturers and importers trust us as much as individual bike owners.

  • Fully protected through special transport and storage equipment
  • Vehicles equipped with lifting ramps
  • Special overseas transport boxes
  • 24 hour service within Germany
  • Safe delivery to your holiday destination and back
  • Trade fairs and road shows including assembly and disassembly of exhibits

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Jens Lingnau
Department Manager Groupage
Roadfreight Germany
T +49 661 16 - 230

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We’ve got true motorbike experts on the job.

And they’ll spoil you with performance at the same time! Lets get in touch so we can start working together on the ideal solution, quality and price for you.