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Solve with ZUFALL contract logistics

It’s simple.

Trust. Let go. Engage. Few relationships are closer than the one you have with us, your logistics service provider. After all, you’re entrusting us with a major part of your value chain. Which means we hold part of the responsibility for your customers’ satisfaction – and we take that to heart. Because who could understand you better than we do, a company whose motto – Spoiling you with performance – embraces your needs as their own? This is why we make a point of becoming experts in every interface. And why we control, guide, provide consulting and supervision. It has as much to do with our sophisticated technology as with our willingness to roll up our sleeves and thoroughly think concepts through. Do you know what the best thing about it is? That you can mix and match the ZUFALL logistics group’s entire service range as needed – from warehousing to pre-assembly or packaging. From looking after your sales promotion campaign to genuine value added logistics. At one of our logistics locations or precisely where you need us. It's as simple as that.

You understand your business. So do we.

ZUFALL branch logistics has its own requirements, which give it a particular value. We share your market home with you. We live and breathe it. We know what you’re talking about. Who your customers are. What you expect and need. We understand your language. We understand your industry. And we do all this so that you can sit back and be pampered by our service.

We know your sector inside out.

Contact us: we might have a new aspect to your solution. Find out.