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Spoiling you with performance.

A logistics service provider who wants to spoil you? Precisely. That’s our commitment. And if you find this surprising, we suggest you read why the ZUFALL logistics group is just that: surprisingly different.

No matter where or how you get in touch with us, no matter your needs, wishes or expectations: At the ZUFALL logistics group, we’ll listen to you, ask you questions, understand and seek the right solution. So far, so good – that’s what they all say. The difference is that we don’t leave our values in the drawer. And our entire team puts into practice our goal of being the most customer-friendly logistics service provider – in all seriousness and across all areas, functions and company levels.

GUT – Because it’s simply better to better yourself.

You can tell how important a role our philosophy plays in our life by how fully we gear our company strategy towards it. We continue to develop through our GUT programmes (Gesamtheitliche Unternehmensentwicklung im Team, or "team-based integral company development").

Because we want our clients to expect great things from us: To be spoiled with our performance – which is exactly what makes it so special.

GUT is made up of four closely interlocked cornerstone modules. This specific combination is what makes the ZUFALL logistics group so unique:

CSP – Because learning more is part of it.


Our Client Spoiling Programme is aimed at firmly anchoring these modules in our daily work. It’s ZUFALL’s very specific way of translating these objectives into a continuous improvement process. We work with inhouse coaches to train our employees in implementing our consistent vision of performance across all business areas. Because spoiling our clients and satisfying them even more – that’s what we’re all about.

From heart to head.

This attitude of ours took root in the family business which we remain today. In the commitment to be different from, and better than, our competitors. In the realisation that people need to feel comfortable in order to bring together commitment, identification, joy and creativity to achieve extraordinary performance. This is the case for our clients, our partners and ourselves. Only constructive personal relations and a collaborative atmosphere focussed on finding solutions lead to outstanding results.

And yes, we’ve chosen the term “spoiling you” deliberately, because it expresses what we firmly believe: that in the area of logistics, only a strong focus on people leads to top performance – and makes all the difference. We don’t believe in the merits of technology alone. We believe in people who know how to make something of it.