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Why we are who we are.

The many years we’ve existed have led to the values we represent today – which is why it’s never boring to look back at the past. Because we care about the future. Below you’ll find the most significant steps along our growth path to becoming the most client-friendly logistics services provider for you.

  • 2015 Commissioning of the Hünfeld logistics centre
  • 2014 New construction and commissioning of Distribo logistics centre
  • 2012 Opening of Unna branch
  • 2010 Commissioning of the NSE hub in Hünfeld
  • 2010 Takeover of GVZ Göttingen
  • 2009 Commissioning of the Fulda, Nohra and Kandel logistics centres
  • 2007 Majority interest in the Transland Spedition
  • 2005 Commissioning of the Kassel logistics centre
  • 2005 System Alliance Europe founding associate
  • 2004 Commissioning of the Göttingen logistics centre
  • 2003 Founding of the Distribo joint venture
  • 2001 System Alliance founding associate
  • 1998 Launch of CSP (Customer Spoiling Programme)
  • 1993 Night Star Express founding associate
  • 1991 Founding of AXTHELM + ZUFALL
  • 1976 DPD founding associate
  • 1943 Headquarters moved to Göttingen
  • 1928 Founding in Kassel